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Club Etiquette

Lead by example. Ride as safely as you can.  




We ask everyone, when riding on a Montvélo Cycling Club ride, to respect each other and all other road users including drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, runners, dog-walkers and horse-riders etc. 


As the number of bikes and cars on our roads increases, we all have a role to play when we head out on the road, and that is to be responsible every time. We all have a right to use the road, however to ensure safety and mutual respect, responsible cycling and driving is essential for a good relationship on our roads. We all make mistakes. Be courteous and anticipate others’ mistakes. Always look to improve your own cycling by getting more information and being prepared to acknowledge your own mistakes so as not to repeat them.  


Traffic Lights.


We always stop at red lights. If we arrive at a set of traffic lights, stay behind the line of traffic; don’t move around the cars. They got there first and have every right to be ahead of you.  




The ride co-ordinator should stop (they should not ride on just because it is safe for them). The front riders should generally wait for a gap where the whole bunch can get through. In town it may not be possible for the whole group to move on and some riders may get caught at traffic lights, roundabouts etc. The front riders should ride slower until the bunch is reformed. It is important that no one is dropped! 


Obey all traffic rules.


The bunch must follow the highway code at all times, including stopping at red lights, and should ride no more than two-abreast. Ride steadily. Keep a steady line and constant speed while in a bunch. If you have to slow down make sure everyone knows. A sudden change in speed is magnified as it reaches riders at the back and can have dramatic and dangerous consequences.  


Do not race.


The Club Rides are social rides and NOT a race. You can race to your heart’s content in organised competitive events but please not on the Club’s runs. Do not overtake the rider/riders at the head of the group. Anyone accelerating ahead of the group will be assumed to be on another ride of their own devices. They will not be called after or chased after if they take a wrong turn. On social rides we wait for people who go off the back of the ride. We do NOT wait for people who go off the front. 


Club Rides


Sunday Club Rides are classed as a sociable ride and riders will be split into groups of approx 10, and we would encourage everyone to mix and socialise, all groups will assume a "no drop" policy and no one should be left behind. 


Wednesday Night Rides will again be split into groups of approx 10, however these will be split into groups based on an approximate speed, ie. slow, medium, fast. The fast group will be the first to leave, and everyone will be expected to work together and contribute to the group - it is not a race. However, should riders be unable to sustain the pace they will be in a position to fall back and be picked up by the medium group. The same scenario applies to the medium group. The slow group will always be a "no drop" group to ensure that no one gets left behind. Approx speeds are slow 15-16 mph, medium 17-18 mph, fast 19+ mph average. Please do not be put off by the speeds quoted, if you have not ridden in a group you will find that it is much easier to maintain speed than riding solo, and no one will be dropped from the slower group. 


The fitting of mudguards will be be in-line with the changing of the clocks, and the dates confirmed each year prior to the change. The fitting of full length mudguards, front and rear, will be mandatory on all club organised runs. Those turning up without mudguards will be asked to either ride on their own, or form a separate group. For the avoidance of any doubt, "Ass-Savers" and "Whale-Tails" are not mudguards.

Group Ride Behaviour

Ride two abreast where it is safe but always be ready to single out when necessary. Ride immediately behind the rider in front - do not overlap either forwards or sideways. Overlapping forwards gives you no chance to avoid the rider in front if he swerves or falls, and overlapping sideways results in the group presenting a three abreast profile. 


Ride in a bunch. Aim to ride with about a foot between you and the rider in front. Ride in pairs, NEVER more than two abreast and directly behind a rider in front and not diagonally. Where appropriate and safe, allow drivers to get past on narrow roads. Shout out if a car is behind and when one line would enable the car to pass, or if the road conditions make it sensible to do so. Be careful and shout out when braking suddenly. Don’t be afraid to ask the group to slow down if being dropped.  


Hold your line. Ride predictably, don’t make sudden movements and under no circumstances deviate from your line. Always cover your brakes.


Try to avoid gaps in a bunch rides. As soon as you see a gap, fill it by riding into the space in a steady and controlled manner. There is no need to sprint into the space and slam on the brakes, just gradually fill in any gaps as soon as you see them. 


Be aware of what is going on around you. That means what is happening ahead of you and behind you. If you are on the front of the bunch be aware of what the bunch is doing behind you. Ride with the group which best suits your ability. It is usually better (and less embarrassing) to start low and build up. If in doubt senior club members will be happy to advise. It is considered bad manners to hold back a strong group when an easier group is available.


Those attending should be prepared to learn the techniques of riding two abreast in close formation and chain ganging during the ride etc .They should adhere to all the following guidelines and if the Ride Co-ordinator is not happy with your equipment or ability on the ride you may be asked to leave the ride. 



During periods of low visibility please ensure that you attend club runs equipped with front and rear lights. 

All riders are responsible for the safety of the bunch.  

TT / Aero Bars

For the safety of others, TT / aero bars are not to be fitted during club runs. 



If someone offers advice about your riding, listen, they are not telling you they are better than you, they are trying to support you. Take advice in the spirit it is given.




Montvélo Cycling Club always stops for mechanicals, punctures etc. If you can help then you should.  



Visitors and potential members are welcome to try the rides 3 times but will then be encouraged to apply for membership. This is a requirement of our British Cycling Affiliation.

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